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#1 2017-11-02 10:14:54

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In Those days, the surprise HP's toner cartridge bought to me

When talking about HP's products, everyone is familiar with them, for most of you are using HP's printers or toner cartridges or drum units and so on. Why will continue to use HP products for many years without changing it? I think HP's products truly walk into your heart and have gained your approval. There's not much else I can say but introducing the HP toner cartridges for you and I would to share my joy to every one when I use HP toner cartridge.

Before beginning, I want to share some knowledge for you to know more about toner cartridge. We all know that the common laser printer toner cartridge can respectively divide into three types: One-piece toner cartridge, which combined with toner cartridge, developer Roller and ink cartridge. The early toner cartridge, does not allow users to add toner in design principle, but as the update of the technology. This type of toner can also add toner but the procedure is complicated. Many toner cartridge of HP are mainly belonging to this structure. Two-piece toner cartridge, which is means that the two separate parts of toner cartridge: one is organic photo-conductor and the other is toner and magnetic roller. When users use up the toner, they need to change magnetic roller and toner rather than organic Photo-Conductor. But parts of HP color products have adopted this type to save print cost. Three-piece toner cartridge means three independent parts: organic Photo-Conductor, toner, magnetic roller. When users use up toner, they can only exchange the toner.
The following I will show you is that HP CF210A black toner cartridge, which I have been used for more than half of a year. When my Laser jet M276 printer can't produce better quality documents and has produced many problems which I thought it may be it was time to exchange a new one. As you can guess, I didn't choose an original one for my printer, because of the higher price let me stopped. I choose a compatible toner cartridge in Amazone.com, which I think it might satisfy my demands: the average duration of black toner cartridge must up to 1600 standard pages and it must reach the requirement of the printed amount is accordance with ISO/IEC 19798 standard. Everything went on smoothly as I wish. After I installed this toner cartridge, the printer was reborn and printing paper came back to clear and sharp again, at that time the handwriting of printing documents is full and have less small bottom ash. Meanwhile, the line was straight and the arc was soft, which really to my surprise. Also I find the use of printer is stability and it didn't arise any problem after contentious printing for a long time, which made me very pleased.

In a word, I was pretty satisfied with the HP toner cartridges' better printing quality and handy operation. In some sense, it does worth us to love and purchase again when we need them.
This article come from: http://printer-toner-http://printer-toner-v4ink.blogspot.com/2017/09/in-those-days-surprise-hps-toner.html



2017-11-02 10:14:54

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