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Activities will begin on Saturday

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By Edna Alcantara

MEXICO CITY, Oct. 27 (Xinhua) -- A grand parade of giant skulls and richly decorated altars will make its way through the streets of Mexico City on Saturday, marking the beginning of the annual celebration of the Day of the Dead festival.

The director-general of tourism services of the Mexico City government, Felipe Ignacio Carreon, told Xinhua that celebrations this year would model themselves on the James Bond film Spectre.

In the opening movie of the scene, the British super-spy tracks a villain through the streets of Mexico City during a massive Day of the Dead parade. The scene was so popular that the city decided to recreate it for real.

The Day of the Dead is Mexico's most iconic celebration, declared by UNESCO as an Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2003.

This year, the party will last three days in the capital, with over one million people expected to take part.

Carreon told Xinhua that the carnival will serve as a tribute to the departed, with numerous musical performances and the massive "Ode to Water" altar in central Zocalo square.

Activities will begin on Saturday, with the parade going from the Monument to Independence to the Zocalo. Blending tradition and devotion, spectators will be able to taste calaveritas (little skulls) and the typical pan de muerto (bread of the dead).

For Carreon, this "synthesizes the worship of death and its celebration in Mexico from the pre-Hispanic times to today."

The parade will see 120 floats drift past the crowds for over three hours, with around 1,000 participants personifying aspects of the festival, including the Catrina, an elegantly dressed woman with the face of a skull.

On Saturday night, an organized cycling trip will go from the park of Chapultepec to Zocalo, with anyone dressed up for the Day of the Dead being welcomed to participate.

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